• company

We promise to create customer trust and values as well as fulfill our responsibilities to society.

Zalman will strive to benefit society by becoming a responsible, world-class, leading corporation with corporate value created through the practice of client-oriented management based on endless innovative thinking.

  • Ethics for clients and partners

    - We will provide innovative products and service to guarantee client satisfaction.

    - We will grow and develop with our partners for mutual benefit through hard work and integrity.

  • Ethics for investors

    - We will respect the rights and interests of investors through transparent and responsible management and we will provide the required management information at appropriate times.

    - We will strive to increase corporate value through innovative activities and growth strategies.

  • Ethics for staff

    - We will respect the law and social customers as well as fulfill our responsibilities through mutual faith and sincerity.

    - We will provide fair opportunities based on skills and capabilities to establish a self-motivated corporate culture.

    - We will provide staff with appropriate compensation based on skills and accomplishments to induce a sense of pride and meaningful accomplishment.

  • Ethics for society

    - We will respect proper social values and the law to fulfill our social responsibilities and duties.

    - We will make every effort to protect the nature and environment.