CNPS7700 Compatible Socket 775 Motherboard List
(1) No motherboard components with a height greater than 39mm (1.53inch), nor the PSU, disk drives, VGA card, and RAM should be present within a 68mm (2.68inch) radius from the center of the CPU.
(2) Distance between the side of socket 775 and the PSU must be at least 44mm.
* Required Gap
  The minimum clearance between the motherboard
and the PSU that is required for installation of the
* Note : The physical layout and specifications of motherboards may change.
¢º Compatible
Manufacturer Model * Required Gap
ABIT IG-80 17.0mm
IG-81 17.0mm
Albatron PM915G PRO 10.0mm
PX865PE7C PRO 6.0mm
PX915G 6.0mm
PX915G PRO 6.0mm
PX915GC Pro-G 7.0mm
PX915GD PRO II 6.0mm
PX915P 7.0mm
PX915P PRO 6.5mm
PX915PC PRO-G 6.5mm
PX915PD PRO II 6.5mm
PX925X PRO 15.5mm
PX925X PRO-R 15.5mm
PX925XE PRO 15.5mm
PX925XE PRO-R 15.5mm
AOpen i865Gm-7N 14.0mm
i865PEa-7IF 1.5mm
i915Ga-E 9.0mm
i915Ga-EFRII 13.0mm
i915Ga-PLF 13.0mm
i915Gm-I 17.0mm
i915Pa-E 9.5mm
i915Pa-EFRII 13.0mm
i915Pa-PLF 8.5mm
s661FXm-7S 18.0mm
ASRock 775i65GV 14.0mm
775S61 13.5mm
775V88 1.0mm
P4 Combo 0.0mm
ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe 14.5mm
P5AD2 Premium 14.5mm
P5AD2-E Premium 14.5mm
P5GD1 14.5mm
P5GD1 PRO 14.5mm
P5GD1 PRO/EN5750 14.5mm
P5GD1-VM 14.5mm
P5GD2 14.5mm
P5GD2 Deluxe 14.5mm
P5GD2 Premium 14.5mm
P5GDC Deluxe 14.5mm
P5GDC-V Deluxe 14.5mm
P5P800 14.5mm
P5P800-MX 15.0mm
P5P800S 17.0mm
Chaintech V915P 6.5mm
V915P Zenith Value Edition 6.5mm
DFI 661FX-TML 5.5mm
915P-TAG 0.0mm
LANPARTY 875P-T 18.5mm
LANPARTY 925X-T2 0.0mm
LANPARTY UT 915P-T12 0.0mm
ECS 661FX-M7(1.1) 19.0mm
848P-A7 (1.0) 19.0mm
865GV-M7D(1.0) 17.5mm
865-M7(1.1) 16.5mm
865PE-A7(1.0) 19.0mm
915-A(1.1) 8.0mm
915G-A(1.2A) 8.0mm
915G-M(1.0) 14.0mm
915G-M5(1.1) 14.0mm
915-M5(1.1) 14.0mm
915P-A(1.1) 10.0mm
915P-A(3.0) 8.0mm
PF21 Extreme(1.0) 8.0mm
PF4 Extreme(1.0) 8.5mm
Foxconn 661FX7MF-S 19.0mm
865G7MC-ES 17.5mm
865GV7MC-ES 17.0mm
865PE7MC-ES 17.0mm
915A01-P-8EKRS2 15.5mm
915A03-P-8EKRS 15.5mm
915A03-P-8LRS 15.5mm
915M03-G-8EKRS2 15.5mm
915M07-G-8EKRS 15.5mm
925A01-8EKRS2 15.5mm
925XE7AA-8EKRS2 16.5mm
915M07-G-8LRS 16.0mm
GIGABYTE GA-8I865GM-775 17.0mm
GA-8I865GMF-775 17.0mm
GA-8I865GVM-775 17.0mm
GA-8I865GVMF-775 17.0mm
GA-8I915G Duo 6.5mm
GA-8I915G Pro (Rev 1.x) 6.5mm
GA-8I915G Pro (Rev 2.x) 6.5mm
GA-8I915G-MF 6.5mm
GA-8I915G-MFD 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Duo 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Duo Pro 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Duo Pro-A 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Duo-A 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Pro (Rev 1.x) 6.5mm
GA-8I915P Pro (Rev 2.x) 6.5mm
GA-8I915P-D Pro 6.5mm
GA-8I915P-G 6.5mm
GA-8I915P-MF 6.5mm
GA-8I925X-G 6.5mm
GA-8IP775-G 6.5mm
GA-8IPE775 Pro 6.5mm
GA-8IPE775-G 7.0mm
GA-8S648FX-775 6.5mm
GA-8S661FXM-775 15.0mm
INTEL D915GAGL 16.0mm
D915GAV 16.0mm
D915GAVL 16.0mm
D915GEV 16.0mm
D915GEVL 16.0mm
D915GEVLK 16.0mm
D915PBL 16.0mm
D915PBLL 16.0mm
D915PGN 16.0mm
D915PGNL 16.0mm
D915PSYL 16.0mm
D925XCVLK 16.0mm
D910GLDW 16.0mm
D915GAG 16.0mm
D915GAV 16.0mm
D915GEV 16.0mm
D915GUX 16.0mm
D915GVWB 16.0mm
D915PBL 16.0mm
D915PCM 16.0mm
D915PCY 16.0mm
D915PGN 16.0mm
D915PSY 16.0mm
D925XBC 16.0mm
D925XCV 16.0mm
D925XEBC2 16.0mm
D925XECV2 16.0mm
MSD 915P-A 9.0mm
MSI 661FM3 Series 14.0mm
865PE Neo3-F 14.5mm
915G Combo 6.0mm
915G Combo-FR 7.5mm
915G Neo2 Platinum 7.5mm
915G Neo2 Platinum (V1.0B) 6.0mm
915G Neo2-FR (V1.0B) 6.5mm
915GM-FR 14.5mm
915P Combo 6.0mm
915P Combo-FR 7.5mm
915P Neo2 Platinum 7.5mm
915P Neo2 Platinum (V1.0B) 6.5mm
915P Neo2-FR (V1.0B) 6.0mm
915PM-ILR 14.5mm
925X Neo Platinum 6.0mm
925XE Neo Platinum 6.5mm

¢º Compatible when stock Northbridge cooler is replaced with a Zalman Northbridge cooler.
Manufacturer Model * Required Gap
ABIT AA8 DuraMAX 0.0mm
AA8-3rd Eye 0.0mm
AA8XE 0.0mm
AA8XE-3rd Eye 0.0mm
AG8 0.0mm
AG8-3rd eye 0.0mm
AG8-V 0.0mm
AS8 0.0mm
AS8-3rd Eye 0.0mm
AS8-V 0.0mm
Fatal1ty AA8XE 0.0mm

¢º Incompatible
Manufacturer Model * Required Gap
GA-8GPNXP Duo 6.0mm
GA-8AENXP-D 6.5mm
GA-8AENXP-DW 6.5mm
* The compiled data is based on motherboards released as of February 2005.
  Zalman Tech will make efforts to continuously update this list to minimize problems for customers.